Oil Painting Supplies Explained: Step by step guide

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Break down what is oil painting, definition

look up questions on oil painting

what is a limited pallet?

There are a number of ways to organize a limited pallet. I use a modified primary pallet: Seven tubes: a warm and cool yellow, red, and blue, and white. Some artists limit their pallet to as few as one or two colors, with or without white paint.

What support should I use?


These are art supplies I use and love. They are affiliate links, so if you purchase after clicking my link, I’ll make a little money.


I use Blick Premier Gallery Profile canvas. It is good quality, and the stretchers are bulky. I get back-stapled because I read that they have a tiny bit more canvas, so it’s easier to re-stretch them if necessary, but I’ve also bought the now-standard “splined” back canvas, and it does look pretty. Check them both out and see which one makes more sense to you.


I use a limited palette, and really like the Utrecht artist’s grade oil paint. It’s a nice consistency and the quality seems good and it’s priced reasonably. Oil paint is still my primary medium. Here’s what I use:

Quinacridone Red

Cadmium Free Yellow Light

Cadmium Free Red Light

Yellow Ochre

Burnt Umber

Ultramarine Blue

Phthalo Blue

Titanium White

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