Window II

“Window II,” 8″ x 6″, oil on wood,

Heath brought me a big bouquet a couple days ago, just to be nice! Here they are in a square glass vase, sitting in my window above a red apple.

Info about the paintings in the “A Painting A Day” project:

Each day I paint, but about every other day I finish a painting. Most days I paint still-lifes (fruit, flowers, toys), but some days I paint people or go out for plein air landscape painting, or work on a larger studio painting. I try to capture the light effects, the color harmony, and the feeling and weight or substance of the things I paint, rather than the details. My style has been described as impressionistic, colorful, serene and sometimes whimsical.

I do my best to take good photos, but the color may look a little different in person. These small oil paintings look great framed up and placed in a small space on their own, or on a wall with several other small paintings.

Here’s another painting of flowers and fruit backlit by a window.

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