Whirlwind adventure

About two weeks ago while getting ready to fly to North Carolina for PACE (the Plein Air Convention and Expo), I slipped on the stairs and broke my laptop screen (and likely fractured my tailbone). 

A couple days later I was on my way to NC (with a special cushion and some Advil).

I went to PACE as the volunteer assigned as “main stage timer” (thank you Kathy and Gina!) which meant that I sat front row center or to the side (whichever was easier to communicate with the presenting artists) and let them know how much time they had left. For that, I set a lot of silent timers and a count-down in case they called out “How much time do I have?” and had very sweaty palms during the first several demonstrations. 

It turned out to be awesome. I got to meet artists I’ve long admired including Kenn Backhaus, Jill Carver, Anne Blair Brown, and Jennifer McChristian. And a few new-to me artists I’ll be admiring in the future including Larry Moore, Amit Kapoor, and Donald Demers. 

I met a number of friendly artists that I hope to keep in touch with. And was very surprised to see 10 or more artists that I’ve painted with before! And two former students me found me to say hello! Thanks for doing that!! 

There’s lots more to tell, but this post is getting long so I’ll save it for next time. 

I hope you have a good day. ☺

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