Watercolor Color Chart & easter party news – portrait artist gives painting tips from Jessie Rasche

Aren’t color charts beautiful?

I did this color chart for my watercolor paints. I have six colors, and each one I mixed with each of the others. The colors with the “*” on them are pure. I had some funny surprises. Three of these colors are relatively new to me – I’ve been using them for about a month (hansa yellow, prussian blue and paynes grey), and they weren’t what I expected.

Hansa yellow is not nearly as cool as I had hoped, but it’s a lot more transparent than I had realized. The pressian blue mixed a bit differently than I had expected. And the paynes grey makes some really nice rich colors.

Next I’m going to make a chart and try out 3 color combos – looking for great neutral browns and greys.

I did the same thing for my oil paints a number of months ago and it was really useful.

On a personal note, Happy Easter! This morning a neighbor had an Easter party – an egg hunt and some other fun games. So cute!!!

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2 thoughts on “Watercolor Color Chart & easter party news – portrait artist gives painting tips from Jessie Rasche”

  1. Hey Jessie,
    I agree that there is something magical about doing color mixing, you never really know what it is going to do until you actually put paint to paper. You can look at a tube, or a photograph, but they aren’t reliable. It is only when you bring all the elements together for your situation, paper, paint, weather (I think that has an influence, too!) that is when you see the real beauty possibilities! I like your loose style, and your almost abstract feeling that your paintings have taken on recently. Keep up the good work! I also adore your mom/child series!!!!


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