View from Mt Emily – landscape painting

View from Mt Emily / 24×36 in / oil painting on canvas

While we were visiting my mom, she took us up to a walking path on Mt Emily several times. It was beautiful up there – especially when looking down on the valley below. My son ran and ran on the trail and could have kept on running the trail all day…

I love the way grasslands on the Eastern side of Oregon and Washington turn somewhere between red and green in certain months. Can you see the little bits of town right at the bottom of the mountain?

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3 thoughts on “View from Mt Emily – landscape painting”

  1. Perfect! You really caught the “feel” of Owsley Canyon, and the colors are beautiful.It’s one of my favorite spots, and now this is one of my favorite paintings.

  2. This painting has an amazing depth of field! I really love the way your painting style captures landscapes! This one is really beautiful.


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