the Value of Fear

Plein air painting at the home of Laura Engles Wilder. I’m planning to finish Working Horse in the studio soon.

This week I spoke at 1 Million Cups about my art and business. Thanks so much to the organizers and audience!

Speaking was miles from my comfort zone, which I loved. I had been avoiding public speaking like the plague. Until this year, that is, when I changed my business plan to include public speaking as an important part.

Preparing for this talk made me think a lot about what exactly fear is for. The specific fear of doing things that are only dangerous to our psyche (potentially embarrassing).

I studied Psychology in college and I love little insights into what our brains are really trying to tell us. Sometimes it’s not immediately obvious… But in this case, I really appreciated that fear made me practice my talk a lot and think about how to organize my information so that it would hopefully be interesting to the general public and valuable to other creative entrepreneurs. The response seemed really good!

If you missed the talk and would be interested to see the notes, handout, or a video about my art and business, let me know.

Upcoming opportunities

  • Studio tours available by appointment.
  • Anyone in the area is welcome to sit for a portrait painting in my studio. If you pose long enough for me to make a portrait, I’ll give you my sketches and you’ll have the first opportunity to purchase the painting. People of all ages welcome.

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