Portrait artist paints “The Cyclist” oil painting (not available)

The Cyclist9×7″, oil on canvas

I decided to really slow down and try to make the best painting I can. I used repeated colors and shapes, atmospheric perspective, a strong focal point and hopefully some other interesting things to look at… Most importantly I tried to make every area worth looking at… This painting used way more paint than I’ve ever used before. Thick pallet knife applied paint and some scraped off paint and some gently modeled paint.

By the way, my Basic Painting course is starting! It is free to anyone on my mailing list who signs up for it . The first several people who sign up will get individualized attention. This will help me know what is useful for you. And hopefully it will help a few artists grow in their art! If you’re interested, just let me know.

And one more thing: The fabulous Linda Fisler gave me a very nice shout-out at the beginning of her AMO Art Chat last night. Thank you Linda! If you haven’t been listening to the show, and you’re an artist, check it out. It’s about the Art part of being an artist. Always thought provoking. Amazing guests. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/artistmentorsonliine

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  1. I noticed your painting on Illustration Friday, for the word URBAN, so I came to visit your website. Lovely work you do, very atmospheric.


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