Cow and farm painting. Minnesota and South Dakota landscape paintings.

I was so excited when these cows moved in next door last year. Recently several of them have had babies (2 are in this painting) and they’re so neat to watch growing up. I’ve been surprised how different these girls look from their busty cousins that I usually paint. What do you think?

Detail (mom and baby on the lower right):


Full painting in full light:


Orcas Island 6

Orcas Island VI / 6×8 in / unframed oil on wood.

I started this one en plein air, on  a really windy day, and finished it indoors. I was sitting on a rocky beach on the roots of a big bleached tree which was protecting me from the wind. In the painting is a beach house, and a couple trees and a picket fence. I wanted to capture the wind-blown feeling of those trees, and the lovely effect of the sunlight on the house.(#3323)