Garlic In Nature

Today I wanted to try painting garlic again with natural light from the sun. I chased the shadows – if felt a lot like plein air painting.

I’ve been playing with ‘mixing white’ lately, which is a transparent color. It’s fun to use, but I end up using a LOT more paint. Can you tell how thick the paint is?

5×7 inches / oil on gessoboard / January Painting Marathon #7 / learn more about paintings of fruit and spices here. 

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Portrait artist paints lemon slices on a water

Happy New Year! This month I’m going to paint as many small paintings as I can, and each one will be available for only $100 + S/H.  To purchase one, just email me with the name of the painting you want and I will send you a secure Paypal invoice (or you can pay by check).

Sexy Slice by artist Jessie Rasche / oil on canvas on board / 7×5 inches

This painting is “Sexy Slice” (feel free to suggest a better name!). It’s a painting of lemon slices – the top one is on the edge of a jar of drinking water, and those one’s below, looking up. Can you see the reflections of the other lemons on the jar?

This year is bringing a lot of new things. One minor change is a signature update. For my small paintings, I’ll be using my “R+squiggle” signature. What do you think?


Weekend in Minnesota

Last weekend we ‘camped’ in a cabin. I took lots of photos of beautiful farmland for painting references. I want to paint a handful of them. Lately the things that I’ve been really drawn to for painting material are the farm equipment and roads going off into nowhere. Here is a beautiful farm house.

On a personal note, my son went fishing for the first time last weekend. He’s been wanting to do that for a couple years now.