Big Sioux River and some exciting events


Thank you so much for being interested enough in my art to open my email! This email shares a new painting with you, and several upcoming events that I’m super excited about.

New Painting

I wanted to explore a strong composition pulling up into the painting, and some varying texture for interest. I’m hoping that the scene reminds those of you who love South Dakota of the feeling of the landscape, and makes you happy.

I love painting the Big Sioux River, especially the beautiful browns and blues and whites. I love how the texture can be both complicated and beautiful. This painting is available to collectors and newsletter subscribers first.

Sioux River, 16×20″, available. 

Upcoming Events

I am so excited about a number of upcoming events! A couple of them are still getting dates ironed out, so I’ll let you know about those soon.

  • Group show opening Friday, July 19th in Chicago! An exhibition featuring 8×8 inch self-portrait works in all media by an international community. Hosted by Art NXT Level / 33 Contemporary Gallery.
  • Featured Artist at “Art at the Pub” in Watertown, SD in August! It’s a very fun event. If you are planning to go, send me a quick email and let me know what paintings you would like to see (landscapes, floral, figurative, paintings or prints, etc.)
  • Artist talk at Art Resources Gallery in Minneapolis. Date to be determined. I’ll let you know as soon as there’s more information.
  • Open studio in November!
  • A solo show is in the works at an exciting new location in the Spring of 2019!
  • Featured Artist, Eastbank Art Gallery, Sioux Falls, SD, August 2019

Fall has begun (only in paint!) And end of a show.

Here’s the beginning of Fall, next to the edge of Summer. Those lines are in there to make sure the series all flows together up on the wall. The funny thing is, I’m doing a lot of measuring, but I won’t actually be able to see them all together until they’re delivered. Because, although my studio is big, the paintings are bigger.

Snow Covered Hillside is on it’s way to it’s forever home. I hadn’t taken a real photo of it before, so I took one to show you before boxing the painting up. It has some great pallet knife texture! If you click the image, you can see what I’m talking about. This is something I’d like to explore a lot more.

Thanks, Julie, for being a new collector!

On a personal note, Thursday was my son’s last day of school for the year. Yay for summer break!! And today is my B-day, so we’re off to see Solo. 🙂

Happy summer, and thank you for your interest in my artwork! Comments welcome.

Farm paintings: Do you miss the Midwest? South Dakota artist.

farm paintings with animals. I’d love to hear from anyone who has moved away from the Midwest and smiles when they see this sort of farmland. It seems like a home town can really be in your soul, and I’m hoping my paintings can bring joy to people who miss it. That they can be a piece of the Midwest, where you are now.

(This is my in-studio collection of mid sized South Dakota / Midwestern landscape paintings.)

See the other farm paintings.

Midwestern Blue Grass, oil painting of hay bails and fields.


“Midwestern Blue Grass”, available at SouthWind Gallery (785) 273-5994. They ship.
8×12″ oil painting on canvas by Jessie Rasche

It’s been a busy few weeks. This painting and three others are on their way to the SouthWind Art Gallery in Topeka, KS. It really feels good to have paintings packaged up safely and on their way. And my studio is 1/2 way fixed up the way I want it. It’s a beautiful space; I’m just turning it into a painting studio by taking off the wallpaper border and taking down the deep shelving and putting up narrow shelving for small paintings and open areas for big paintings… Below is a section of the wall that’s done. Now I need to get some new paintings to the Pam at the South Dakota Art Museum – thank you for carrying my paintings, Pam!



cow painting in SD.

Any suggestions for what I should name this painting? I was thinking something about drinking water or farming… I don’t know.

It’s 18×24″, and it’s almost  done. I want to finesse the woman – her face especially.

Here’s a detail photo of the woman and a few cows behind her. There’s a group on the upper right as well. farm-detail-rasche



“Big Sioux River” landscape painting, and print winner announced.

Big Sioux River
8×10 inch oil painting
on hold

Denise C.  is the winner of the drawing for a free matted print! Congratulations Denise! Email or call with your print choice and shipping information. Here are your choices:


I used to select the winner from all the people signed up for my mailing list. Thank you to everyone who is on my mailing list for your interest in my art! The next drawing will be on 4/15, with a new set of print choices.

Thank you also to the folks who follow my blog or FB page, and to the folks who comment or send emails of encouragement. And thank you to all of you who have spent your hard earned money on my artwork! All of you keep my art career moving forward!

A note about “Big Sioux River”. I made a leap of faith and purchased a whole roll of canvas. It was a big investment and a big commitment… This is my first painting using this canvas, and I am thrilled to report that I really like it. It’s not too absorbent, a little textured but not too textured. What a relief!!!

Landscape painting, snow in South Dakota (SOLD)

Snowscape 1
12×9 inches, oil

Here’s my first go at a plein air snowscape in South Dakota! This day was tough – the little trees and things in the distance kept disappearing and reappearing… And I realized I really want to learn how to paint the barren trees… More yards of canvas and re-reading my Carlson’s Guide to Landscape Painting book are in my future.



Portrait artist paints a pomegranate

Kiss / 5×5 inches / oil on gessoed hardboard / January Painting Marathon #10 / available at

This is a pomegranate and a tangerine sitting on the windowsill. I liked how the light was coming between them except that small spot where they’re touching. I’ve been really struggling… I  wiped several paintings yesterday before I finished this one. I feel like my understanding of paint got a little more sophisticated and I’m working hard to get my skills catch up.

By this time next month we should be in our new house! I’m excited about the studio space. I’ve already got a roll of canvas and have some large landscape paintings planned. I can’t wait.

To purchase or inquire, email with the name of the painting you want. If you enjoy this painting, please consider sharing with your friends.

Portrait artist paints a young woman

Last night I went to the life drawing group. I painted the model there for 2 hours, and then finished the painting at home this morning – which usually is a very bad idea but worked well, i think, this time.

Gaze / 10×8 inches / oil on gessoboard

To purchase, email with the name of the painting you want. If you enjoy this painting, please consider sharing this post with your friends.