Portrait artist paints “Dahlia and the Bird” (SOLD) flower picture

Dahlia and the Bird
12×9 inch oil on Raymar canvas panel

I thought it would be fun to show the setup this time. For this painting I used a new color combo, which I LOVE. For this project, at least. Paints from Utrecht.

Phthalo Blue (Utrecht)

Burnt Sienna (Winson & Newton)

Cad Yellow Light Pure (Utrecht)

Cad Red Medium Pure (Utrecht)

Titanium White (Utrecht)


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Cow painting. SOLD. Landscape painting of cows. “Cold Noses”

Cold Noses

I really love painting cows, especially in the snow. The most challenging part of this painting was trying to get the shadows and highlights the right values. If you look closely you’ll see some subtle value and temperature shifts in the highlights of these cows. I am planning to paint a large painting based on this one.

Thank you for viewing my art!

painting of cows in the snow

Playing In The Dirt

Playing In The Dirt / 6 x 8 in /oil on linen

I wanted to capture the beets as they come out of the garden – dirt and all. What do you think?

Thank you Heidi for giving me these beautiful beets!

I’ve been limiting my pallet lately in a new arrangement – ultramarine blue, quin red, and lemon yellow (for the most part). I’m usually drawn to the warm colors on my pallet, so I’m surprised that I just love this color combination.

Portrait artist paints wilting flowers

“Wilt” / 8×6 in / oil painting on canvas / simply framed / available in my gallery of available paintings / inquire / Love It guarantee

I really liked the way these flowers have started spraying over the side of the vase. The colors are much nicer in the actual painting – I need to spend some time setting up a photo area, but it’s hard to take the time away from painting… – see other floral paintings

flowers start out beautiful, and then become more and more interesting as they age. Here are some flowers mid-wilt.