Summer Progress, press

Happy Summer! It’s arrived suddenly here in South Dakota. From freezing to over 80 degrees within a few weeks! It is glorious outside. I am working in the studio full time, but get outside for lunch and to let the dogs play.

I hope you’re enjoying some sunshine, too!

Summer, 48×72″, oil painting on canvas, commission, is coming together comparatively quickly. The most significant change yesterday was the addition of the path in the grass to lead the eye in. Today and this weekend I’ll be finishing up the sky and horizon, and bringing back some of the drama of the dark colors around the barn. A couple more progress photos are below.

I realized I’ve never shown you a photo of the 2018 Oakwood Magazine with my watercolor Carrier painting. It is a beautiful magazine. Thanks again for including my paintings.

And back to Summer. Here’s the initial color lay-in.

And here’s the initial layout sketch-in.

On a personal note, my son just turned 11. It’s so fun watching him grow up. Yay!

Space (SOLD). Minnesota and South Dakota landscape paintings.

Going down the road in South Dakota, you look to the left and to the right and there are lovely fields with hay bales and the occasional house and barn surrounded by wind blocking trees. It’s a sparse vast land that is just full of color. That’s why this painting is named “Space.”

Sometimes I have to just let a painting live in the studio for a long time before I’m ready to ‘put it out there’. Does that happen to you? This is definitely one of those.

Purchase, or see up close here. Comment, email or call with any questions.