Duet, 10×8 in oil painting portrait (NFS). Minnesota and South Dakota portrait paintings.

Detail above. Full painting below.

This is my son and his lovely piano teacher practicing for their duet in this Saturday’s concert. It’s When the Saints Come Marching In. He’s doing really well with his timing and dynamics (and of course she’s amazing). More about portraits: http://jessiesfineart.com/commission-a-portrait.html


Light through the Window, oil painting in progress, Minnesota and South Dakota portrait artists

Space ● SOLD

This painting is very close to done, but still in progress. It’s the time between when a painting seems almost done and when it’s actually done that often takes the most time, for me.

After just finishing a big portrait painting last week (which came out really well, but I forgot to take a photo before handing it off), I wanted to do a painting of my son that is sort of an anti-portrait. He’s reading Calvin and Hobbes while the puppy looks out the window. I’m really happy with how this painting is coming out – with the design and color-shapes; but there are some little things I really want to finesse.

Contact me about a portrait or (anti-portrait).


Portrait artist paints a young woman

Last night I went to the life drawing group. I painted the model there for 2 hours, and then finished the painting at home this morning – which usually is a very bad idea but worked well, i think, this time.

Gaze / 10×8 inches / oil on gessoboard

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Portrait artist paints a mom and baby in “Sun”

Happy, contented mom and baby taking in some sun at the beach.


SOLD. Mom Loving Project #5 of 30.
American portrait artist.

It was hard for me to get this one just the way I wanted it… I really like it. Comments appreciated!
Mom Loving 5, (#3360)