Her Garden, portrait combining different reference photos

This portrait was a Christmas gift for a lovely woman, so I waited until after it was given to show it to you… Augusta’s daughter wanted a painting of Augusta in her garden (which I had seen several photos of on Facebook, and it is … glorious). She sent me some photos of Augusta outside, and some different photos of her amazing garden. I wanted to paint Augusta sensitively, but her garden thick and painterly, and to have it all work together. I’m excited about how it came together.

Thanks for looking.

Portrait painting of mom and daughter. South Dakota artist.

Call or email if you’d like information about portraits. Bigger image. 

Here is the finished portrait of my beautiful friends Erika and Seija. Thank you so much for sitting for me (for so long) for the sketches!

I’ve been working on this portrait for a while. It’s the first one where I specifically asked someone to sit in my studio for me, for a few hours of simple paintings to get their colors, and then photos to work from…

I love painting portraits, and I hope it shows in the painting.

Well Pressed Shirt, in progress, 16×20 inches. South Dakota portrait paintings.

This is the owner of the dry cleaning business in Brookings, SD. My son and I wnt in to pick up my husband’s suit, and when I saw him using this steaming press I was completely enthralled and asked if I could take source photos for painting. What do you think?

I’m going to live with the painting for a couple days, and then I think I’ll make his jeans and boots much darker; work out the values in the bottom 1/3 of the painting…

portrait artist Play update – 24×36″ painting in progress

I have time for a portrait before mothers day (May 12). Call or email if you would like to commission a Mom & Child portrait, or a portrait of your kids or spouse for mothers day.

I’m working on my “Play” painting that has been on and off of my easel for a long time now. I’ve been finessing some of the portraits inside the painting. Here are two of them.


Portrait artist paints Portrait of children sitting outside, oil painting

Untitled / 6×6 inches / oil on panel. This is a traditional portrait in that I wanted to capture these two beautiful kids and their comfortable connection at that moment. I’m really excited about how this painting turned out.

What should I name this painting? Right now it is “David’s Children” but there seems to be a narrative in this painting. Naming paintings is so hard!

The technical things I was working on were colors, values, brush strokes and edges, and getting the background into the right compromise between supportive and interesting.

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