Figurative / Portrait Paintings

I’ve been working on a portrait for my own collection. It’s of my guys sitting on the couch on a weekend morning watching a movie. It’s still in progress, but getting closer to being finished.

If you have been following my blog for 10 years, you may have noticed that my favorite thing to paint people doing – for my own collection – is that little stuff that is great bonding, and that we do all the time, but that we wouldn’t necessarily remember. My first “self-portrait with baby” was of me and my then-1 year old sitting together under a tree. I love that painting! I have gotten the opportunity to paint another mom with her children under a tree, which was really nice (and many other moms with their babies and young children, just bonding. Thanks!).

I counted a little while back, and I have about 30 paintings of my kid just in my studio… And all of them are of him just doing those little things that make up life…

Anyways, I’ll post this painting again when it’s complete. I want it to keep it fresh painterly quality, but get a little more specific in some places.

Getting the emotion down is always the most important priority in my figurative work, and I think that’s almost there…


I take art workshops when I can, and recently took a portrait drawing workshop. Here’s my portrait. It took about 8 hours spread over 3 sittings. I had never let myself slow down that much for a charcoal drawing. It was liberating!

I’ve fallen back in love with charcoal, and am planning to offer charcoal portraits going forward.

Available Artwork

Minneapolis Stone Arch Bridge, 8″ square. Not on website yet, so call or email to inquire or purchase.
horse paintings, by rasche
For Love, approx. 13″ x 10″.
A Well Pressed Shirt, 20″ x 16″.
Desire, 5″ x 7″.

Blue Eyes, canvas reproduction, 16″ x 12″.

Portrait artist paints Dad and Daughter Painting

I got quite a ways on a new watercolor painting today. I’m putting it aside to ruminate on the background. I’m loving their portraits too much to be objective right now. (I’d love your comments!)

The last several weeks I keep starting and starting and starting – sometimes with great starts. But I haven’t been in the mood to finish anything. I just want to start! Which I guess is fine since sometimes I get into the mood to just finish things…

Click thumbnail for big image

Portrait artist paints a mom and baby in Comfort – portrait painting by Jessie Rasche

SOLD / Comfort / 6×6 in / oil on linen / available paintings art gallery

This portrait painting of a baby nestled in with mom is one of my favorite paintings. It just makes me happy. Thank you so much to the mom who shared this intimate photo with me! I’m so glad you love it!

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