New Pear Painting

Not yet titled (suggestions welcome!), 8×10 in, oil on canvas, not yet available.

I’m so happy with how this turned out! I’m hanging onto it so I can reflect on what I like while I’m painting tomorrow…

And here’s my little setup. I’m using construction paper for some color in the background.

On a side note, you can see that everything is on a table. I set it up that way so that it would be easy to film for my workshops. But my goal for this year is to get green and healthy, and I feel healthier standing up! So I’ll be making a setup that’s at eye level while standing and adjusting my workshop filming stuff accordingly.

Have a great day!

Yellow Sun, Minnesota and South Dakota large landscape paintings.

I’ve been trying to capture the amazing sky colors of South Dakota ever since we moved here, but have wiped most of my efforts. This painting was started about a month ago, and then yesterday I realized that I wanted my sky to be darker and more dramatic, and now I really like it. Hope you do too!

Well Pressed Shirt, in progress, 16×20 inches. South Dakota portrait paintings.

This is the owner of the dry cleaning business in Brookings, SD. My son and I wnt in to pick up my husband’s suit, and when I saw him using this steaming press I was completely enthralled and asked if I could take source photos for painting. What do you think?

I’m going to live with the painting for a couple days, and then I think I’ll make his jeans and boots much darker; work out the values in the bottom 1/3 of the painting…

Cows! Dinner with Friends (SOLD) Minnesota and South Dakota landscape cow paintings.


I’ve been working like crazy getting ready for my solo show (Brookings Arts Council, later this month). Here’s one of my new pieces. It’s very atmospheric. I’ve been doing landscapes on gallery-wrapped canvas, and that’s nice to work with. 16×20″, oil. Please let me know what you think.

I’ve got a bunch of new paintings to post (several of which are the biggest paintings I’ve done).

cow painting in SD.

Any suggestions for what I should name this painting? I was thinking something about drinking water or farming… I don’t know.

It’s 18×24″, and it’s almost  done. I want to finesse the woman – her face especially.

Here’s a detail photo of the woman and a few cows behind her. There’s a group on the upper right as well. farm-detail-rasche



landscape paintings of Neighbor’s Trees II (Available)

Neighbor’s Trees II / approx 18×12 in / oil on wood / learn more about paintings of the Pacific Northwest here. 

I’m not sure whether this is a studio painting or a plein air painting. I was looking out my studio window at the neighbor’s trees when I painted this in Spokane, Washington. What I really liked about this scene was the beautiful vibrant oranges and reds of the pine trees.

Portrait artist paints “The Cyclist” oil painting (not available)

The Cyclist9×7″, oil on canvas

I decided to really slow down and try to make the best painting I can. I used repeated colors and shapes, atmospheric perspective, a strong focal point and hopefully some other interesting things to look at… Most importantly I tried to make every area worth looking at… This painting used way more paint than I’ve ever used before. Thick pallet knife applied paint and some scraped off paint and some gently modeled paint.

By the way, my Basic Painting course is starting! It is free to anyone on my mailing list who signs up for it . The first several people who sign up will get individualized attention. This will help me know what is useful for you. And hopefully it will help a few artists grow in their art! If you’re interested, just let me know.

And one more thing: The fabulous Linda Fisler gave me a very nice shout-out at the beginning of her AMO Art Chat last night. Thank you Linda! If you haven’t been listening to the show, and you’re an artist, check it out. It’s about the Art part of being an artist. Always thought provoking. Amazing guests.

Portrait artist paints “Oranges and Dahlia” flower painting (SOLD)

Oranges and the Dahlia
5×7 inches, oil on gesso board, unframed

In my last post the big white dahlia (I think that’s what this flower is) was the star of the show. In his one I wanted her to blend in with the snow outside the window. Both are shown below. What do you think?

I’ve been inspired by Carlson’s Guide to Landscape Painting to experiment with painting medium. I have a bottle of Linseed oil, a can of odorless mineral spirits, and a bottle of Stand oil (from Utrecht). I started out with about 50/50 OMS and Linseed oil, with just a little Stand oil for thickness and have been adjusting to get the mixture just right.

IMG_2412 copy Oranges and Dahlia-rasche

Portrait artist paints a pomegranate

Kiss / 5×5 inches / oil on gessoed hardboard / January Painting Marathon #10 / available at

This is a pomegranate and a tangerine sitting on the windowsill. I liked how the light was coming between them except that small spot where they’re touching. I’ve been really struggling… I  wiped several paintings yesterday before I finished this one. I feel like my understanding of paint got a little more sophisticated and I’m working hard to get my skills catch up.

By this time next month we should be in our new house! I’m excited about the studio space. I’ve already got a roll of canvas and have some large landscape paintings planned. I can’t wait.

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