Three of a Kind (available). Minnesota and South Dakota artist.

Maybe it’s because hide and seek is a favorite past time around our house, but that little horned owl egg timer looks like he’s thinking “you can’t see me, you can’t see me.” I’m starting to feel the still life love again. What do you think?


Lines / 9×12 in / oil on canvas / See Available Landscape Paintings It is really hard to photograph these paintings of snowy landscapes! This photo isn’t very good, but it’s my third try… This painting is of the same scene as the Snow Cow from a few days ago. I was taken by the …

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bird painting called Hunkered Down

Hunkered Down / 30×40 in / oil painting on canvas Three gulls hunkering down to stay warm. I’ve had this picture in my head for a long time, and it was time to bring it out! (#3361)

SOLD. Geese

SOLD. This is the largest painting I’ve finished recently. Right now I’m working on a couple more paintings in this series. It’s fun working so large for a change. I can really see the value of doing more large paintings, and also of doing more small paintings. I think one educated the other… (I’ve changed …

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