Reaching for the Light SOLD. Minnesota and South Dakota flower paintings.

I wanted to do a much closer up painting of the same yellow flowers from yesterday. And I wanted the background to be sort of a chaotic party of paint, the way flowering bushes seem when you’re up close. What do you think? Here it is modeling in our kitchen. Available. Email me ( to inquire.Reaching-for-Light-onwall50


Three of a Kind (available). Minnesota and South Dakota artist.

Maybe it’s because hide and seek is a favorite past time around our house, but that little horned owl egg timer looks like he’s thinking “you can’t see me, you can’t see me.”

I’m starting to feel the still life love again. What do you think?



Lines / 9×12 in / oil on canvas / See Available Landscape Paintings

It is really hard to photograph these paintings of snowy landscapes! This photo isn’t very good, but it’s my third try…

This painting is of the same scene as the Snow Cow from a few days ago. I was taken by the colors of the brown grasses coming through the snow. Can you see the cows lined up in the distance?

If I don’t post again before Friday, wish me luck at the 20 under 40 show!


cow painting called Snow Cow

Snow Cow / 9×12 in / oil on canvas

Hi everyone, I have been working on several portraits, and the one that is finished may show in the 20 under 40 show at Tinman gallery (Spokane) in Feb, so I’m keeping it un-posted…

Anyways, for a mental break from all that, I painted this cow standing in the snow. I loved the atmospheric effect of the scene, and the silhouette of this solitary cow. The colors of snow is my favorite part of this snowy winter…

As always, comments are appreciated.


Portrait artist paints a mom and baby in “Bath”

Bath / 8×6 in / oil painting on canvas / see all available figurative paintings

This is a painting of the first bath this mom and baby had together. They are already in love, and just met. Can you see the love?

This is one of 4 of my paintings which were selected to show in the juried invitational “20 under 40” show at Tinman Gallery (Spokane, WA), showing from Feb 4-24th,  2011.

Happy New Year! I feel completely re-invigorated about painting, and I’m doing some fun experimentation.

Mom Loving painting #6 (#3362)


MOM LOVING PROJECT: This is a little different from a commission, as people submitting photos are not necessarily purchasing the paintings. If you want to participate in this project, email me with your photo(s). And if you think (or know) you will want to purchase the painting, please put that information in the email.

I am really excited about my “Mom Loving” portrait project: a series of 30 small paintings (6×6 – 6×8 inches) of moms loving and bonding with (holding, nursing, sleeping with, snuggling, carrying, etc.) their babies and young children. The best paintings will be published as part of an art book in 2011. You can also, optionally, suggest a short statement (around 35 words and/or your name(s)) that you’d like to appear next to the painting when it’s published in the book and on my blog.

Moms / Dads / the person submitting the photo will have the first opportunity (but no obligation) to purchase their painting.

For this project I am looking for candid-looking photos, and especially ones that have good light (outdoors with light from the  side or side/back is best)  and are good enough quality to see some details, and which are taken far enough away that most or all of the mom and child are in the picture. With that said, I’ve received a couple fuzzy and very close up pictures that will work nicely.

These paintings will be in my impressionist / modern realist style. See:

If you’d like to participate and submit photos for this project, email me. If you have several photos from the same time, send them all – that makes it easier to paint. Thanks!

[By submitting a photograph for this project, you’re agreeing that I will own the copyright on my paintings, but of course you will retain the copyright of your photographs.]

Any questions, comments or suggestions appreciated!!

SOLD. Geese

SOLD. This is the largest painting I’ve finished recently. Right now I’m working on a couple more paintings in this series. It’s fun working so large for a change. I can really see the value of doing more large paintings, and also of doing more small paintings. I think one educated the other…

(I’ve changed one thing since taking this picture – I’ll post a revised image later.)