Large painting of birds. Minnesota and South Dakota landscape paintings.

Yesterday I went out  to the studio to work on organizing it, but once I got there this painting asked to be finished. I am really excited about this one! I wish I had a better photo for you. I put all my skills into the painting. The sky is luminous and the water has a neat homage to Monet and in between I was going for a moving grasses feeling with some pallet knife scrumbling where the sky and grass meet (and to accentuate the hen, who is the subtle star of the show).

Any title suggestions? I was thinking “Blue Skies”, as in “only blue skies ahead”, but I’m not sure.

portrait artist Play update – 24×36″ painting in progress

I have time for a portrait before mothers day (May 12). Call or email if you would like to commission a Mom & Child portrait, or a portrait of your kids or spouse for mothers day.

I’m working on my “Play” painting that has been on and off of my easel for a long time now. I’ve been finessing some of the portraits inside the painting. Here are two of them.