Teal Waters

Teal Waters, 40″ square, available at Art Resources Gallery.

This painting went through some serious changes as it went along. Most notably, I removed the sun and added some rocks to direct the eye to the tangerine colored sailboats on the horizon. I’m not sure if you can see them in the photo, but in person they’re a lovely color. Below is an earlier version of this painting. I feel like it has better flow and is less stiff in the final version. Hope you enjoy.

New paintings at South Dakota Art Museum

Last week I took several new paintings over to the South Dakota Art Museum. 

Two of them are paintings of Yellowstone National Park. They framed up nicely, and I just love those paintings, so I’m excited to have them out where a collector can fall in love with them.


Coming Home 5, Dusk Skies (Cloudy Skies SERIES)

I started another larger (~12×20) painting of the farm fields in Eastern Washington yesterday, and am really happy with how it is turning out. I’m going for that feeling of dusk, with the red/green farm land, and purple mountains.

On a personal note, this has been a world-wind of a week. My son turned 3 on Saturday. Three! He’s growing so fast. It seems like he’s a completely different person from a year ago in certain ways, but still the same in the important ways – as sweet as can be, and gracious, and energetic. And then my husband had his birthday yesterday!  Happy birthday!

Coming Home 3

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“Coming Home III”
12 in x 18 in, oil on wood
Jessie Rasche
Email me for information.

This painting is my attempt to capture the wild, dramatic clouds that were over Eastern Washington most of our drive home a couple weeks ago. It was really lovely and awe inspiring to see.

The last couple days have been really rough, painting wise. I spent 2 days before today working on this painting… yesterday I started sketching and sketching to get my values and shapes right, and got a sketch I really liked. So this afternoon followed my sketch very closely, and it came together nicely. I started by wiping off about 2/3 of the painting. I really like the nice glow that the gesso-ed wood gets when day-old paint is wiped off, so that was a good start. And while painting I mostly worked on keeping my values straight. I’m really happy with this one.

Eastern Washington landscape painting (Cloudy Sky SERIES)(#3328)

Orcas Island

“Orcas Island” / 6 in x 8 in, oil on wood / $180

We stayed in a bungalow (Buckhorn Farm Bungalow) last week on Orcas Island, in the San Juan Islands. It was really beautiful and relaxing, and I got in a couple of plein air paintings. This is a shed on the farm we stayed at with huge evergreen trees behind it and a fence to the left that surrounded a garden.

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“Cows” cow painting, Landscape paintings of cows.

SOLD. Cows / oil painting on canvas / 8×10 in / More paintings of animals in a landscape.

Cows (probably Jersey cows) eating hay. I love cows, and I’m really happy with this one.

I went to an artist gathering / show & tell and was both inspired and encouraged.