Happy Mother’s Day!

Thank you so much to all the parents who have commissioned mom and baby portrait paintings!

Here are a few of my first mom and baby portraits, painted years ago. There is so much love and joy evident in these, and they are such a pleasure to paint.

And thank you to the new collector who recently purchased The View, 40×40″. This is a very happy painting of Midwestern lakes, and I hope it brings you joy!

Last week I got started on Summer, the second in a series of 48×72″ commissioned paintings. Here’s the initial block in and color. This painting is coming together very quickly, and will probably be finished next week. I’m deciding about small changes, like whether the cows in front of the barn should be white, as they were in the photos I took, or red or spotted… And whether to move the tree a smidge to the left…


Frozen Lake, landscape oil painting in progress

south dakota farm painting

This lake is South of Brookings, SD on I-29. I wanted to capture the feeling of a very cold day. I’m going to make some changes to the far-back area to unify and add drama…


Frozen Lake
11×14 inches
oil on canvas

I’ve got a new page for farm paintings. If you get a chance, check it out and let me know what you think.

south dakota farm painting

Sailing Away, available – and Free Shipping week!

Sailing Away, 11×14″. This painting was a sketch idea for a larger painting, but I think it came out well and holds it’s own as a painting.

Free shipping all week! To take advantage of that, just email me with which painting you are interested in, and I’ll send you an invoice sans shipping.

Here are a couple of the available paintings:

horse art, equine paintings, by rasche

Trio, 11×14″, ready to frame

Pipestone National Park, 11×14″, simply framed award-winning painting.

Blue Skies, 48×60″, ready to hang unframed, available.

flower paintings, by Rasche
Dancing Ladies, 5×5″, ready to frame.

Other news: My abstract art website is up and running! If you check it out, I’d love your feedback.