Horse Art & Brookings Arts Council

horse art, equine paintings, by rasche

I just took this horse painting down to Brookings Arts Council. It’s all framed up and lovely.

horse painting, by Rasche

Trio I am excited to deliver because I feel like the brush quality and level of abstraction is exactly where I want to be as an artist.

This painting will be available for purchase through BAC during the show, and giclee prints and canvas prints are available through me.


I’ve spent the last week completely filling up our local coffee shop with about 20 abstract paintings (and have gotten a lot of positive feedback – thank you!), and now I plan to take a few new landscapes to the South Dakota Art Museum. I’m feeling like I have a good local presence right now!

Thanks, and have a great weekend!

Blue Eyes, wild horse portrait

The portrait is wild, not the horse. 🙂

Blue Eyes, 7″x5″, oil on linen, available. If this is a gift, I would be happy to gift-wrap the painting and add a card with your name and note. Please just note that when you check out, or give me a call.

I have been really enjoying painting horses! I feel a sort of kinship with them that just makes the paint flow. There is something about all the personality that shows in their faces, and the combination of power and grace that is captivating…


I think this would look really cool huge on the wall, so prints are available here.

Horse Portraits & Horse Canvas Paintings

I’m super excited to be one of 4 new members this year, of the Institute of Equine Artists! Thank you IEA!

There is something about horses that has been captivating me. Back in Spokane, there was a horse rescue organization that would bring a few of their sweet wonderful horses to the apple orchard once a year, and that was the first time my son rode a horse, at 3. It was magical.

That was 6 years ago, and since then I’ve been enchanted by horses, and by the unique relationships people have with horses. And of course I express that through painting.












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