Horse and woman portrait painting sketches

horse paintings, portrait artistsI’m well into a very fun portrait project. A few weeks ago I took (a couple hundred) photos of this lovely young woman and her horse.  They chose 5 photos that may be the right one, and I made sketches to make it easier to choose. Here are 2 of the 5 sketches.

It’s hard to see how a painting might turn out when the background and other extra info is competing for attention, and so sketches help both me with my process and the collector with deciding…

I really love painting horses and people together, and these two are such a striking pair. I can’t wait to find out which one of these gets to the heart of what they want to remember.

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Equestrian painting. Horse and man. Minnesota and South Dakota landscape paintings.

Merry Christmas! I’ve been working on this little painting for a while now. I really enjoy painting horses, and there’s a lovely connection between a horse and his person.

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In other art news, two paintings have been delivered their new homes! They’re both from the Brookings, SD series.

whatzit-500 Farm-Rainbow-500

Equestrian horse painting. Minnesota and South Dakota landscape paintings.

I’m really obsessed with dramatic skies! This is one of my favorite places in Brookings, SD. It’s the Equestrian Center (not sure of it’s official name). Last summer my son took a child and parent horsemanship class there (which he loved). The horses seem so happy, and the people who work with them as well.

There are 6 horses in this painting; they’re a bit hidden. I’m still working hard on figuring out trees. What do you think?

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