Move to South Dakota. Portrait artist paints Unpolished Apples – an oil painting by Jessie Rasche

Unpolished Apples / 8×6 in / oil on wood / available in my gallery of available paintings / inquire / love it guarantee

It is nice to be back online! Our move to South Dakota is pretty much complete now. Today I’ll unpack my studio, with help from my son, of course. But before that we have some serious bike riding planned. During the move, my son asked to have his training wheels off, and has been riding full steam ahead for the last couple weeks. Our new house is a couple blocks from a bike path, which we’ll be visiting frequently.

I have so many paintings floating in my head that need to get out! Love notes to Washington, and also an exploration of this new place…

About the painting shown here:
I worked to convey the dusty quality of these pretty apples. They are fresh off a friend’s tree, and bright patches of the apples show through where fingers have touched them. The apples grew on a tree in Twisp, WA and were painted close to Spokane, WA.

This painting has a similar technique / paint quality to a previous oil painting of flowers and apples.