New Pear Painting

Not yet titled (suggestions welcome!), 8×10 in, oil on canvas, not yet available.

I’m so happy with how this turned out! I’m hanging onto it so I can reflect on what I like while I’m painting tomorrow…

And here’s my little setup. I’m using construction paper for some color in the background.

On a side note, you can see that everything is on a table. I set it up that way so that it would be easy to film for my workshops. But my goal for this year is to get green and healthy, and I feel healthier standing up! So I’ll be making a setup that’s at eye level while standing and adjusting my workshop filming stuff accordingly.

Have a great day!

Oil painting on canvas of flowers. Minnesota and South Dakota artist.

I can’t not think about Georgia O’keeffe when painting flower close-ups, and of course her flowers were a bit saucy. So this title is a bit of an homage to her…

I started this painting yesterday, and when I came back today to work on it, I found that the flower had relaxed in a very pleasing way. The petals were a bit more curled under…

Yellow roses painting (available). Minnesota and South Dakota artist.

These are the same roses from yesterday, but this painting is so thick… There’s a lot of pallet knife work here.

On a completely different topic, I’ve been waffling for years about how to categorize my paintings on my web site. I used to have them categorized by subject (landscape, figurative, still life, portraits), but changed it to size / price range (huge paintings, medium and large paintings, small gems). I think I liked the first way better. What do you think?


This colorful painting is painted on mounted canvas and is ready to frame.

Email the Artist to inquire or purchase. Larger image.


Yellow Roses oil painting on canvas. Minnesota and South Dakota paintings.

I’ve changed around my still life setup and had a very nice painting time last night and this morning. I love these lovely yellow roses. This colorful painting is painted on gallery wrapped canvas with unpainted sides, and is ready to hang unframed.

Email the Artist to inquire or purchase.


Flower painting: violets (available). Minnesota and South Dakota paintings.

I’ve noticed that some vibrant greens and oranges and violets have been making appearances in my paintings occasionally. The last couple days I’ve been really enjoying that and going with it.

I am always completely astounded by how different paintings look outside in the shade (1st picture) vs inside with indirect light.

This painting is not currently available; here are all my available works:


violet2-450 violet2-inside450

Flower painting. Minnesota and South Dakota flower paintings.

I have had a long-standing love of flowers in their declining days. These flowers are at that stage and it has caused them to relax around each other. They look to me like they would love each other with their last breath.

I’m having a completely retro month! All the things about this that are inspired by paintings I’ve found in my studio cleanup:

1) Painting on gessoed wood. Good grief a lot of paint was sucked up! But on the bright side the pallet knife was super fun and useful on this surface, and brush strokes have a very different and prominent effect.

2) Lemon yellow has officially made a comeback on my pallet. 🙂 I’m starting to get the hang of how to not let it take over.

3) I primarily used a 3/4″ paint brush and pallet knife for almost the whole painting.

4) It’s a still life painting in the window, with the focus on the light shining through.

5) The painting was available on Ebay.

Please let me know what you think of my current art direction.