Portrait of a man working. Minnesota and South Dakota portrait paintings.

Hello art enthusiasts, here is the completed painting of our lovely local dry cleaner (detail below). I’ve been breaking one of the cardinal rules of blogging – taking a long break from posting. Thanks for hanging in there with me!

I’ve been refueling the creative juices. Do you do that as well? Since my last posting I’ve taken hundreds of source photos, and am excited about so many different painting ideas. I’m planning to continue with the local landscapes, heavy on landscapes with animals and people in them. If you have any requests, I’d love to hear them.

On a personal note, here’s what I’ve been up to: had lots of summer fun with our 8 year old son (right now he’s programming his minecraft turtle), made a big garden, stained our porch, soul searched and researched about our son’s education next year, house-trained and dealt with lots of medical issues with our new 100% awesome from-the-pound dog. What have you been up to this summer?


Well Pressed Shirt, in progress, 16×20 inches. South Dakota portrait paintings.

This is the owner of the dry cleaning business in Brookings, SD. My son and I wnt in to pick up my husband’s suit, and when I saw him using this steaming press I was completely enthralled and asked if I could take source photos for painting. What do you think?

I’m going to live with the painting for a couple days, and then I think I’ll make his jeans and boots much darker; work out the values in the bottom 1/3 of the painting…

Kite Mountain 2 – painting of mom and son snuggling by portrait artist

“Kite 2” / 6×6 in / oil on linen unframed / see all available figurative paintings

This mom and boy were in their own private world watching kites together at Kite Mountain in Seattle, Washington this summer. I just love these public snuggles… Mom loving painting #24 – there are only 6 more Mom Loving paintings to complete the project. Email me if you’d like to submit a photo for one.

This is what the painting would look like framed.

Newsletter Giveaway

Congratulations Rebecca for winning the Newsletter Giveaway painting! For anyone who missed the newsletter and wants some news, here it is. http://jessiesfineart.com/blog/newsletter-2-nov-2011/

horse paintings by portrait artist

“Riding Out” / 6×6 in / oil on linen / gallery of available figurative paintings

This pony, and the horse from yesterday, were both rescued animals from neglectful situations. They were so sweet and gentle. The pony gave lots of children rides around this Eastern Washington apple and peach orchard.

This one I finished alla prima (wet on wet). So fun! I liked finishing in one sitting so much I may wake up at 3am more often. Making this background so sparse was a huge stretch for me… I’m excited about how it worked.

Thank you so much for the encouragement yesterday, and since I started this blog!

I love giving back a little – so there’s going to be another painting giveaway soon (when I get to 250 FB fans – only a few more to go!). Everyone who Likes me on FB, and everyone who is on my ‘monthly’ mailing list, and anyone who shares this post (let me know if you do) before I hit the 250 fans milestone, will be entered into a drawing for a free painting (shipping included)!


Portrait artist paints a mom and baby in “Bath”

Bath / 8×6 in / oil painting on canvas / see all available figurative paintings

This is a painting of the first bath this mom and baby had together. They are already in love, and just met. Can you see the love?

This is one of 4 of my paintings which were selected to show in the juried invitational “20 under 40” show at Tinman Gallery (Spokane, WA), showing from Feb 4-24th,  2011.

Happy New Year! I feel completely re-invigorated about painting, and I’m doing some fun experimentation.

Mom Loving painting #6 (#3362)


MOM LOVING PROJECT: This is a little different from a commission, as people submitting photos are not necessarily purchasing the paintings. If you want to participate in this project, email me with your photo(s). And if you think (or know) you will want to purchase the painting, please put that information in the email.

I am really excited about my “Mom Loving” portrait project: a series of 30 small paintings (6×6 – 6×8 inches) of moms loving and bonding with (holding, nursing, sleeping with, snuggling, carrying, etc.) their babies and young children. The best paintings will be published as part of an art book in 2011. You can also, optionally, suggest a short statement (around 35 words and/or your name(s)) that you’d like to appear next to the painting when it’s published in the book and on my blog.

Moms / Dads / the person submitting the photo will have the first opportunity (but no obligation) to purchase their painting.

For this project I am looking for candid-looking photos, and especially ones that have good light (outdoors with light from the  side or side/back is best)  and are good enough quality to see some details, and which are taken far enough away that most or all of the mom and child are in the picture. With that said, I’ve received a couple fuzzy and very close up pictures that will work nicely.

These paintings will be in my impressionist / modern realist style. See: http://jessiesfineart.com

If you’d like to participate and submit photos for this project, email me. If you have several photos from the same time, send them all – that makes it easier to paint. Thanks!

[By submitting a photograph for this project, you’re agreeing that I will own the copyright on my paintings, but of course you will retain the copyright of your photographs.]

Any questions, comments or suggestions appreciated!!

Portrait artist paints a mom and baby in “Sun”

Happy, contented mom and baby taking in some sun at the beach.


SOLD. Mom Loving Project #5 of 30.
American portrait artist.

It was hard for me to get this one just the way I wanted it… I really like it. Comments appreciated!
Mom Loving 5, (#3360)