Cows in progress and Giveaway

Good Morning,

I am excited about the in-progress painting that’s currently on my easel! These are the cows that live in the field next to us. Just being around cows is very soothing to me. Do you have that experience, too?

Not yet titled, 2 x 3 feet, oil on canvas, saved for show.

I’m planning to make some nice glossy postcards with an image of this painting when it’s finished. If you would like to get one, just email me.

I watched this group of cows for a while and loved how they slowly moved across the grass like a single organism, stretching forward and then grouping back together.

One of the things I really love exploring is beings that group together, but are still individuals. That’s what I was working through with the pelicans I showed you recently, the geese below, my parent-baby paintings… How someone can be part of a whole, but also individual.



Today I am very excited to give away a few prints to people who enjoy my art enough to get this newsletter!

The first 4 people to email me (just hit reply, or email will win a small print of Breakfast in a Spring Thaw!


Have a great weekend!