Portrait artist paints Orange Starts and personal notes

I got some good starts and maybe a finish yesterday. The top painting I set up like a plein air painting – trying to catch the changing shadows on oranges sitting by a North-Western window as the sun was setting. Frantic painting and then…. the sun was gone. I really like the colors.

The lower painting is “Peeling”. This one really kicked my butt. It went through a lot of changes. It felt really good to do, though. I’m getting back into the rhythm of painting daily and am starting to think about painting all the time – which for me is one of the biggest benefits of painting daily.

BUT, I am so INSPIRED! I realized yesterday what I want to make my next many small paintings about. I can’t write it down or my steam will disappear. But I’ve already started my next painting. I’m in that head-place where I could spend 40 hours strait in the studio, and I love it. Hope you like where i’m going with my paintings.


Portrait artist paints a dad and baby in Dad’s Gloves

Dad’s Gloves / 7″ x 5″ / oil on canvas

After doing some very detailed paintings, it felt good to loosen up on this one. I was attempting to capture the moment in the fewest marks… This is a painting of my guys hiking on Centennial Trail.

I’m working on my first ‘demo,’ for the 3rd time…

Mom Loving painting #

Migration, bird painting by portrait artist

Migration / 20×24 in / oil painting on canvas / $700

This winter has been really mild, and geese have been flocking south for months. The flocks have been huge and talkative, too.

Here is one of the large paintings that I recently finished (20 in x 24 in). This one looks more like a ‘wildlife painting’ than the other paintings I’ve done, but really it is still a contemporary impressionist painting. I wanted to imply a big flock in motion without showing them all. Comments appreciated.(#3314)