Portrait artist paints Play (in progress). Large painting of children on merry go round

This is still the block-in phase. I’m working on getting the colors and shapes just right.

I tried this subject matter (children on a merry go round) last year. This time I’m going at it differently. My vantage point is closer to the children, and the background is a rich warm color. I’m working on getting the red yellow and blue colors to support each other and then I plan to get the children’s faces.

Scarlett – portrait painting of mom and baby in love by artist Jessie Rasche

Thank you Katie for sharing your photo!

This one has so many layers. Through the whole process I was really happy with the drawing, but had a hard time resolving the colors and especially the values. I think it turned out really well in the end. They look so in love.

Scarlett / 8×6 in / oil on linen /see all available paintings / inquire