Whatsit (SOLD) Minnesota and South Dakota landscape paintings.

This is another painting for my tour of Brookings through paintings. (There must be a better way to phrase that.)

This cool place is a block west of Main Street downtown, by the railroad tracks. I had a lot of fun with the colors on this one. Do you recognize this place?

Detail of painting:


See http://jessiesfineart.com/blog for the full painting. Please forward if you know people who would be interested.

The Blue Water Tower (available). Minnesota and South Dakota landscape paintings.

This is the blue water tower viewed from the road to the South by the new elementary school. We come this way home from Sioux Falls, and it’s a pretty view.

I find this tower challenging to paint because it’s so big and blue and solid – but I think all the color of the street and the grass coming through the snow and the red deciduous trees around the green pine trees, and the traffic and crazy blue sky – balance it out. What do you think?

This painting is also destined for the South Dakota Art Museum. I’ll post about it when it’s available in the gift shop there.

Detail (see the whole painting at http://jessiesfineart.com/blog):


landscape paintings of “Brookings Grain Elevator” in progress.

Here is progress on the Brookings Grain Elevator painting. It’s rather large for me: 30×40 inches. This is kind of a funny stage for the painting. It has a lot of new details that need to be finessed…

Someone recently pointed out that I don’t have information about my mentors and the artists that I enjoy in my bio (thank you!). If you’re interested, I’ve added that info.