The network for artists with kids – HOW KIDS CHANGE ART

Saturday through Thursday I’ll post new paintings. On Friday, there will be a network post. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting. 🙂 I’d love to know what you think.

The network for artists with kids.

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CHALLENGE 2: Let us know how your kids have changed how you do art (in a comment). Feel free to link to your work.

My first ever video is about how my son has changed me as an artist. What do you think?


ENERGY SAVING TIP:  I’ve been doing little watercolor efforts this week, and abandoned my oil area. Usually I dread walking back into my studio after time away -because of all the scraping – but this morning it was pretty easy to get going. My glass pallet was a mess – completely covered with dry paint. I don’t like to use toxic stuff, so I poured

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The network for artists with kids – INTRODUCTIONS!

The network for artists with kids.

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Hello fellow artist-parents! Let’s talk about juggling being a mom/dad and being an artist. I’ve already collected months worth of tips and am excited to share them! We’ll talk about finding time, studio management, finding energy, loving parenting techniques, etc.  I hope you find this network helpful and inviting. We’d love to read about YOU, your child and/or your art. There will be a new open-ended CHALLENGE and TIP(S) every Friday.


CHALLENGE 1: Introduce yourself. Click the “Comment” button and let us know who you are. Just say “Hi” or answer these questions. (Click “Read More” for my info):

  • Your name
  • Medium you work in
  • How old is your child / children?
  • How long have you been making art?
  • What is your biggest obstacle to creating art? (Or parenting?)
  • What’s the best technique you’ve learned for balancing art and kids – or anything related?
  • Your URL?

Save energy: Prepare your studio so that you can walk in and start working. For me, the 2 things that always need to be done are cleaning my pallet and cleaning my brushes. If you’re in the same boat, when you only have a couple minutes of free time, go into your studio space and grab your oil painting brushes that are too crusty to use. Put them in an old glass jar with 1 part Murphy’s Oil Soap and 1 part water. Try not to let the solution go above the bristles. Every once in a while smoosh the bristles a little. When they’re soft enough to scrub and rinse, you will have a very happy surprise! And, you’ll be ready to paint.

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