Commissions – Updated and Thanks!

Pink Love / ~10×8 in / oil on canvas /
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Update: Thanks to a great repeat collector, I’m booked up for the last commission before Christmas.

There are still a number of paintings available in my Art Gallery, including the paintings shown in this post, and I will have time for more commissions after the holidays. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Thank you again!

Orcas / ~ 12×18 in / oil on wood
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Satsuma and Stripes / 5×5 in / oil on panel
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Portrait artist paints Trio – figurative painting by Jessie Rasche

Trio / 6×6 in / oil on canvas / This painting isn’t available yet – but here are my available paintings of people.

I’ve darkened up the background in Trio to make it a little stronger. It’s still pretty abstract (it’s 3 boys on a tire swing). I’m not sure it’s done yet – but I’m really drawn to this composition. What do you think?

  Here’s what it looked like before. I really liked it, but thought it was a little too washed out. I think I’ll try this again with a light background around their heads and see how that works.

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The network for artists with kids – HOW KIDS CHANGE ART

Saturday through Thursday I’ll post new paintings. On Friday, there will be a network post. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting. 🙂 I’d love to know what you think.

The network for artists with kids.

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CHALLENGE 2: Let us know how your kids have changed how you do art (in a comment). Feel free to link to your work.

My first ever video is about how my son has changed me as an artist. What do you think?


ENERGY SAVING TIP:  I’ve been doing little watercolor efforts this week, and abandoned my oil area. Usually I dread walking back into my studio after time away -because of all the scraping – but this morning it was pretty easy to get going. My glass pallet was a mess – completely covered with dry paint. I don’t like to use toxic stuff, so I poured

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