Reflected Artist – painting of a tea kettle

“Reflected Artist” /6×6 in / oil on linen panel / See Available Still Life Paintings

I wanted to try painting reflections of things you can’t see in the picture… Can you find the window, the 3rd apple, and me?


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Portrait artist paints an Unpolished Apples

Unpolished Apples / 8×6 in / oil on canvas

In this painting I worked to convey the dusty quality of these pretty apples. They are fresh off a friend’s tree, and bright patches show through where hands have touched them. Oil on wood, 6 in x 8 in.

This painting has a similar technique / paint quality to a previous oil painting of flowers and apples.

My photo is not very good, I’m afraid. I’ll upload a new photo in a few days.


Portrait artist paints an Apples

Apples / 6×6 in / oil on wood /

Available through Randy Higbee Gallery, 6 Inch Squared Show

See available still life paintings here:

I really like the colors in this painting.

I’m going through updating links, and I looked at this painting again. It’s one of my favorites. I painted this in the kitchen while my dad was visiting, and I thought I would be distracted and paint poorly… But the light was perfect and I was in the zone. I’m going to paint some more apples!