Portrait artist paints Angel and the Oranges

“Angel and the Oranges”
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Totally non-painting related personal note: We’re getting our new house keys Friday morning! Yay! And this afternoon we do the walk-through and get to decide exactly where my son’s new hockey tournament metal will go. 🙂

The studio is already completely mapped out in my head. And I have have time for 1  last commission for February, so if you have been thinking about commissioning a portrait, this is a great time to call me.

About this painting

I love painting fruit and flowers and wanted to add some figures into the mix, so I recently brought home 2 angels (and a bird that has already appeared in a painting) for still life setups. The angel shown here has a beautiful deep pink marbled glass body and a sweet shape. She looks like she’s watching over the oranges. This painting has warm tones of pinks, purples, oranges, and a little red where the vase and oranges reflect off of each other, and white daisies and cutting boards.

This is an original oil painting by American artist Jessie Rasche. Jessie has shown in galleries in Washington and California and paints in her studio in South Dakota. Jessie’s artwork has been described as Plein Air Style, Impressionist, Energetic, and occasionally Whimsical or Soft.

Last Dance – oil painting of irises, and a warm green

I listened to an interview with Quang Ho while I was painting these wilting irises. And that inspired me to think about why exactly I paint. Maybe it’s the kind of question where the question itself is more important than the answer?

Anyways, this painting started yesterday as a depiction of one of my favorite things – flowers that have ‘lost their bloom.’ And an exploration of a fun composition. But today it turned into a challenge to see how warm I could make that green, and how cool…  And I did really find some interesting (to me) things – with soft edges and hard edges. I’m not sure if it’s done.

As always, I very much appreciate your comments, and when you take the time to share my work with your friends.

Last Dance / 6×6 inches / oil on gallery wrapped canvas – ready to hang. / January Painting Marathon ptg #18 / available at http://jessiesfineart.com


Portrait artist paints bird painting

SOLD / Happy Smells / 6×8 inches / oil canvas board
Special January Painting Challenge
In Private Collection in Ireland (!)
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I’ve been thinking about my still life setups a little differently the last few days – choosing my items more deliberately.

I got this little bird from the Salvation Army yesterday while looking for still life items. It looks to me like it’s smiling at the smell of the daisy.

Thank you so much for all of the comments and emails I received about the iris paintings! That was so nice!




Portrait artist paints flowers

I took a picture of the painting and inadvertently captured the 3rd dimension of the painting (below). Usually you can’t see that, since I take pictures in indirect light.

I’m working on controlling my colors in the setup part of the painting process. It’s not something I’ve given a lot of thought to before, but since my main focus right now is on improving my composition, controlling the colors seems like a good step in that direction. What do you think?

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SOLD / Clippings / 6×6 inches / oil on  canvas
January Painting Challenge #15
In Private Collection in Spokane, WA
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Painting flowers in the window is one of my favorite subjects. clippings-detail clippings-jessierasche