Sunrise, and a portrait sketch-in, and multi-tasking

Good morning!

I received some great news – the gallery representing me in Minneapolis has sold almost all of my large paintings! So I’ve changed my schedule and started working on a new series for them, before continuing work for next year’s solo shows and my small works project that will be available here, in this newsletter, in early November.

Sunset, 30″ x 60 “, acrylic on canvas, in progress

Above is the first in this series. It’s almost done. As always your comments are welcome.

I’ll be shipping the new paintings rolled, so I’m painting on loose canvas (which I have very limited experience painting on). I did some research about how exactly that works and decided to use acrylic paint to avoid any issues until I learn how to safely ship oil paintings rolled.

Using acrylic on a large representational painting is new to me. I’m trying to work through how to use the right amount of paint so that  I have control of my brush strokes and blending. And on this scale, the value shifting as the paint dries is really something, even though I’m using very good artist quality paint with little water. It’s definitely a learning experience…


A lovely family visited the studio last week, and this young lady modeled for me. She was very patient and professional as a sitter, and I’m eager to see how the painting turns out. Here’s the sketch-in from that sitting. I love it so far.



This week I’ve also continued working on sketches for a local city-scape commission which I’m eager to start painting – And on a painting for a book cover! My head is spinning a little, but it’s good.



If you’d like to see all of my available works, they are here.

Paintings in specific collections are here:

Thanks for your interest in my artwork, and have a great week!

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