“Spring Green” South Dakota horse and farm oil painting

I have never looked forward to Spring as much as I am right now. And I’m feeling a little homesick for Seattle.

This winter has been long. Right now we have 3′ of snow across our property – 7 feet deep in one area. And last week we had another blizzard, and a rain storm, on the same day. It really makes me wonder how people survived here before electricity. With massive amounts of planning and determination, I assume.

But I can see how this place really calls to people. It’s beautiful and harsh and surprising. The trees frost up into a white wonderland, the sky puts on a variety of beautiful shows, the deer and rabbits and birds just go about their business whatever the temperature, and neighbors help each other manage the winter. And then Summer comes.

Other New Work

Bees Working, 30 x 40″, acrylic. This painting will be available in the Pollinators exhibition at Art Resources Gallery, Minneapolis.

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Other News

There is still time to enter the drawing to win this abstract painting. If you know someone who loves abstract art, please feel free to share. Enter here.

My abstract experiments can be seen at the Sioux Falls, SD, main library.

2 thoughts on ““Spring Green” South Dakota horse and farm oil painting”

  1. Hi Jessie. It’s been awhile since I have taken a look at your blog. Congrats on all your successes! Your work is amazing!
    I have changed your link on my blog. Thanks for contacting me….
    Hope you have a great summer!


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