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South Dakota Project

Paintings of the varied and beautiful landscapes of South Dakota, from the Badlands of the West to Big Stone of the East. (Scroll down to see the article in South Dakota Magazine about this project.) And now, paintings of Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota, and Washington State.


Paintings of Custer State Park, SD

This project has been in the works for a year! It is supported by a grant from South Dakota Arts Council and National Endowment for the Arts, for which I am honored and grateful.


Painting Journal Entry May 31, 2022 – I drove over to Badlands National Park in South Dakota pretty early, so I could pull over for photos as often as I wanted on the way (which was pretty often) and still get to the badlands in time to look around. 

The north half of the park had the bighorns and deer and the teeth-like rocky structures that the park is known for, and the south half of the park had bison and emense rolling rocky grasslands, cut away with rocky ravines.

I got to the park early enough to drive all the way through before heading over to the town of Interior (population 94) to check in at my airb&b sleeping arrangements, and still get back to see if the sunset would be visible through the clouds. It wasn’t, but it was magical anyways. Don’t these bighorns look beautiful in the last light? 

I stayed overnight in a very rustic cabin without electricity or wifi, way off the beaten path. The kid (maybe 10 years old) who gave me directions from the main house out to the cabin was adorably professional.

I slept sparsely and restlessly, and got up at 4:30 am to get back to the park in time for the sunrise. I’d planned ahead with some much needed gas station coffee in the car. 

I only saw a few humans out and about, mostly professional looking photographers. But the park was full of singing birds, some fluffy beautiful deer, molting bighorn sheep and bison… 
I have about 500 photos from the Badlands – many of which I can’t wait to paint from! Come back to see more Badlands Art!

Thank you South Dakota Magazine and John Andrews for this lovely article about my painting project!

If you’re wondering about the title, read on to find out about my goals in capturing what I see in an honest and succinct manor. Here’s an exherpt.

“When I paint landscapes, I really want to capture something honest about what I’m seeing.” – quoting me.

“Every cottonwood, cow and cornstalk she paints will only further cement her place within the state’s art community.” – John Andrews, South Dakota Magazine

“[Rasche’s] abstract brushwork and harmonious limited palette calm the weary soul.”
– Beth Williams, Southwest Art Magazine

“We got the painting! And we LOVE IT! It’s wonderful. Thank you so much.”
– Inder (California), collector

Painting Journal Entry 12/12/2021 – This morning we woke up at 5am to drive up to Big Stone Lake State Park, a couple hours North of us, so that I could collect source photos for this project. It was beautiful and we got there before sunrise so I could get photos in and close to the park with beautiful lighting.

The light did not dissapoint! I’ve never seen such a beautiful warm glow across pastures and cows and sheep.

“thank you for creating such a wonderful work of art for me to treasure!”
much love, lisa

Paintings of Pierre, SD

I am blown away by this painting and we will treasure it forever. Thank you so very much for this.
-Teah (Wisconsin)

“… [Rasche’s work] feels like each brush stroke was an immediate and primary action that was inevitable.”
– Jim Clark, Visual Arts Manager, Hopkins Center for the Arts

Paintings of De Smet, SD

”Thank you for packaging it so carefully as well. I want everyone to know that when you buy a painting from Jessie, you get the royal treatment!

Thank you again, I am so in love with your work.

– Ann Thompson

Paintings of Oakwood, SD

I just received this painting today and am so so in love with it, it’s even more perfect in person.
– Julia

Paintings of Brookings county, SD

With her bold brushwork and ethereal edges, Jessie Rasche’s figure work leaps off the canvas with an energy that a quarantine-weary population craves. You’ve never seen the everyday world around you so brilliantly expressed.”
– Kristi Thomas, Center for Western Studies

Paintings of Sioux Falls, SD


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Artist Bio

Jessie Rasche is a professional artist, painting and teaching (online) from her studio in South Dakota. Her work focuses on landscapes full of animals, and people working and playing. The main theme of her work is personal connection between people, between animals, and with the land. Through a painterly use of oils, Jessie expresses a love of the materials as well as the subject matter.

Her work has shown in fine art galleries and museums in the West, Midwest, South, and East United States. She has paintings in public collections, and has wonderful collectors in over 30 states, Canada, the Isle of Man, and the UK. Jessie teaches online drawing and painting classes for beginning to professional level artists and is an exhibiting member of Oil Painters of America and an award-winning member of the American Impressionist Society. 





Otter in the studio with paintings of Big Stone, Custer, and Brookings county.

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Jessie works in a distinctive contemporary impressionist style, with a painterly use of brushes and palette knives. All of these paitings are created with professional-artist quality oil, acrylic, or gouache paints on archival supports.

Each painting says in the description whether it is painted on canvas, linen, or gesso panel. Ask the artist a question.