Paintings of Horses

South Dakota Horse Paintings
Horses are such gentle creatures out in the field. I love to paint them and capture their community, their softness. I hope that being around the paintings will have some of the soothing effect of being around the animals. I love to paint them in groups, and to capture that sense of being part of a group and also an individual.

south dakota horse paintingsAbove: Solo Exhibition at JFAC Gallery in Aberdeen, SD, 2019-20. Photo courtesy Caitlin Pollitt at NSU

Hi, I’m Jessie Rasche. I love animals. We have 2 dogs at home, both full of character. And the birds, cows and horses right around us bring me a lot of joy. When collectors have told me that my paintings bring that sort of joy and sweet feelings to their walls, I consider that the highest praise.

I am blown away by this painting and we will treasure it forever. Thank you so very much for this.
-Teah (Wisconsin)