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Below are photos I’ve taken that I think would be nice to paint from. I’m not a professional photographer, I just like taking photos to paint from. Students are welcome to use these photos to paint from for personal or professional use.

atmosphere, photos by Kars

Outside resources for source photos

You can find high quality photos through the National Park Services (each photo has different copyright, so look for that), or at

Photos of nude models: Croquis Cafe (

5 thoughts on “Source Photos for Enrolled Students”

  1. Hi Jesse
    I keep getting this message when trying to access the source photo’s.
    “This content is not permitted for your membership level.”

  2. Hi Jessie, working on two paintings of the girl with the freckles. I painted one in greens to see the values better. I am missing the variations of flesh. I thought maybe choosing a different color would make sense because flesh tones are hard for me. I am way too dark or way too light. Guess it comes with lots of practice.
    I was right, portraits are very hard in oils. I can manage with pastels but oils are giving me fits.
    I am either too wet and slide all around or too dry and grabbing and not blending. It is a process before I figure out what works for me.
    I love all your classes and the connection to pixabay, and Your photo sources. This is all really thrilling. I am drawing up plans for a chicken coop. Always wanted my own chickens. And painting them and other animals is way more relaxing. Ha ha
    Well, see you Thursday. Sincerely Anne Marie

    • Hi Anne Marie,

      So glad you’re learning from the classes and liking the source photos! Portraits are a challenge and do take a lot of practice. Slowing down and just trying to learn one aspect – like how to mix the colors – at a time helps a lot. If you keep practicing, you’ll get to where you feel confident! But working on birds for a while sounds great, and it builds the same skills. 🙂 Yay for your chicken coop!


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