Show prep; So many paintings. Names for print gifting.

Thanks so much to everyone who enjoys my art enough to sign up for this newsletter, and thanks to those of you who shared it with your friends. You have my gratitude! Everyone who is on my newsletter list right now was in the drawing. I’ll do another drawing in about six months – unless I can think of something that I can give to everyone. 🙂

Sarah (smichna) and alexandrabetances  – have been randomly selected to receive an art print! Congratulations! Email/text (605.695.5815) to let me know your shipping address, which of these prints you would like, and who referred you to my newsletter (if anyone). I’m planning to go to the post office on Friday, so please contact me before then.

Upcoming Art Show!

I have a couple days of downtime while my commission client is thinking about the sketch options I just sent off last night – which is giving me time to prepare for an upcoming art show. I’m showing with my mom. 

I’ve wanted to do a show with my mom for years. She’s an amazing sculptor, and she helps people through her artwork. I’m so proud of her. She’s showing the sculpted faces that she created for her book that just released a couple days ago – and it made it onto the Amazon “hot new release” list in her category! here it is:

“Some … folks tell me their new art projects have brought them out of chronic depression. Some people tell me they’ve been physically disabled for a long time. They’re still disabled, of course, but now it doesn’t bother them as much because they have something new to look forward to every day. People who have PTSD because of traumatic events in their lives now feel more engaged with the world, and they’re better able to cope.”


She’s great.

I’ll be showing local landscapes and people paintings. I get to show paintings that aren’t for sale, so that includes personal paintings that I’ve never had the opportunity to show before. I have a little over 50 paintings in the studio that I’m choosing between (several that are already selected aren’t in this shot).

Thanks again for your interest!

Happy Pi Day!

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