Portrait paintings: Shipping fun, how to ship a painting (and how to open the packaging). South Dakota.

I got to send off one of my favorite recent paintings to a great collector yesterday.

It took me a year or so to settle on a shipping process that I really like, and still it evolves. I thought the artists out there who follow me might find the process helpful.

20160903_101412Lots of love went into this packaging. I made a custom hard inner box from cardboard and hardboard. I do a backing layer or two of cardboard an inch or two bigger than the painting, set the painting down face-up, build a frame of cardboard around it the same height as the painting, and then put tiny corners in to keep the painting from moving. Lots of tape. The top layer of hardboard and cardboard (if it was a smaller painting, cardboard alone would have worked) goes above that, so it protects the front but doesn’t touch it.

The painting is really thick and textural, so I used extra care making sure there was a big enough space between the painting and hardboard.

The inner box was wrapped in bubble wrap, and that was placed in a nice looking outer box.

After the Bath is on it’s way! 

When you receive it, cutting the tape at the edges should release the painting. 

It seems like a cumbersome shipping process, but I feel very confident that the painting won’t be damaged. Peace of mind is worth a lot.

There are some box companies that sell set-ups like this, but last time I looked into them they just didn’t seem as sturdy as what I put together. I may try one out some day – I’ll post how it goes if I do. 🙂

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