Scoters – landscape painting of the ocean and birds by Jessie Rasche

UPDATED photo.

In this painting I was going for a that feeling where you can almost see something but not quite… This one is a bit more abstract that the paintings I’ve been doing lately. What do you think?

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Scoters / 30×40 in / oil on canvas

4 thoughts on “Scoters – landscape painting of the ocean and birds by Jessie Rasche”

  1. I struggle with photographing my work too, and found a bit of help when another artist posted about using the ‘white balance’ button on the camera. It helps with the color, but not the textural weirdness I get. Don’t know if I’m too close, or just using the wrong camera!

  2. Jessie, you created beautiful paintings! I was looking through them and they are wonderful 🙂 My daughter really wants to be an artist, I am going to show her your paintings after school. She will love them


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