Sanford Memorial Garden Reveal!

Memorial Garden, Sanford Medical Center Sioux Falls

The paintings are up!!

Scroll to the bottom for Before & After photos.

Thank you, Ivy and Anita, for your help and moral support during the installation. Thank you, Tim, for all your hard work and especially for your perfectionism! Thank you, Cindy and Ivy, for this wonderful opportunity. And thank you to my hubby for so much help yesterday!

The Weekend Before

Over the weekend I kept checking the sides. I had painted those last, and the sides of the Spring painting were drying very slowly. I’ve noticed in the past that red oil paints tend to dry slowly, and paints saturated with white can dry slowly… Anyways, the sunrise colors were not going to be dry in time.

I didn’t want to delay installation for one wet edge, so I formed a cardboard cocoon around it so that it wouldn’t rub on anything, and took paint for touching up just in case.

The paintings were placed face-to-face, separated by blue insulation sheeting. Then cardboard corner protectors were built and attached, and each set of two paintings was wrapped in a mattress bag and sealed up tight with moving tape.


Because the paintings are an inch longer than my husband’s pickup bed, we angled them down towards the front of the truck and drove with the topper window open for the hour drive.

Thunderstorms forecasted for the afternoon stayed on time, and we only drove through a couple minutes of a rainstorm on the way there. It’s a little intimidating to drive on an 80mph interstate with a rainstorm going and three months of work in the back… But we got the paintings there unscathed.


We arrived at Sanford Medical Center and found that a lot of work had already gone into the Memorial Garden. The new paint on the insets was exciting for me to see, but there was also a simplified, freshened up feeling.


Ivy had recommended using 2-12″ z-clamps on the back of each painting to hang them. I had never used those before, but it felt so secure when they went up. I highly recommend it for large work. While the facilities man installed the hardware on the wall, my hubby and I installed hardware on the back of the painting stretcher bars, and then they all matched up.

The paintings fit the insets just right, and the edge dried enough to not be an issue – the whole thing looks great.

This was a wonderful project to work on.

Before and After

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6 thoughts on “Sanford Memorial Garden Reveal!”

  1. They look fantastic, Jessie! They fit together beautifully, with the eye naturally flowing from one painting to the next. I’m sure the families and patients at the Sanford Medical Center will enjoy them for years. Congratulations

  2. So beautiful! I would really like to get a closer look at these fabulous paintings…the colours are so vivid. How proud you must be to have your works of art displayed in such a place. Well done.


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