horse paintings by portrait artist

“Riding Out” / 6×6 in / oil on linen / gallery of available figurative paintings

This pony, and the horse from yesterday, were both rescued animals from neglectful situations. They were so sweet and gentle. The pony gave lots of children rides around this Eastern Washington apple and peach orchard.

This one I finished alla prima (wet on wet). So fun! I liked finishing in one sitting so much I may wake up at 3am more often. Making this background so sparse was a huge stretch for me… I’m excited about how it worked.

Thank you so much for the encouragement yesterday, and since I started this blog!

I love giving back a little – so there’s going to be another painting giveaway soon (when I get to 250 FB fans – only a few more to go!). Everyone who Likes me on FB, and everyone who is on my ‘monthly’ mailing list, and anyone who shares this post (let me know if you do) before I hit the 250 fans milestone, will be entered into a drawing for a free painting (shipping included)!


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