Things are coming together for the exhibition at Rehfeld’s Art Gallery on Feb 1st.

It’s my first time showing at Rehfeld’s. It’s a 3 person show titled “Dakota Landscapes” with the talented and delightful Karen Kinder and Stephen Randall (and me). It’s showcasing new art from each of us, so I’m being careful to not show the new pieces – although I can’t resist showing small details like the one here! I’ll send out full images the first week of February.

I really like how this cow came together and wanted to share… (
I’ve got a new page for farm paintings. If you get a chance, check it out and let me know what you think. )

So – back to the studio!

Upcoming Events

Opening Reception 5-7 pm, Jan 25, 
SD Gov. 8th Biennial Exhibition
South Dakota Art Museum 

Opening Festivities Feb 1, 
“SD Landscapes”
Rehfeld’s Art Gallery
Sioux Falls, SD

Opening Reception Feb 1,
Washington Pavilion Galleries,
Sioux Falls, SD

Opening Reception Feb 1,
“All the Best”
SouthWind Art Gallery,
Topeka, KS

Opening Reception Feb 17, 
Sailing into Spring
Art Resources Gallery, Edina, MN.

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