Red Tree, landscape oil painting (Cloudy Sky SERIES) (#3325)

“Red Tree”
8 in x 6 in, oil on wood
Jessie Rasche
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Today was a re-do of yesterday’s painting. Still a little over-vibrant, but I’m happier with the light and shadow on the trees.

Yesterday I decided to paint in the living room in fairly dim light. And yesterday I also started using a more limited pallet than usual (only 3 colors and white) and was really frustrated that I couldn’t get a good green or orange. Anyways, I thought that my yellow was too transparent to hold up against the red or blue. Then I walked into my studio to put the painting up for drying, and was *shocked* by how very green the greens were. Yikes!

As soon as I saw the painting I laughed at myself. Of course yellow disappears first when it gets dark. Ha ha.

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