Quarantine Changes

I had planned to make a road trip to Minneapolis this week to pick up this 4×5′ painting and drop off some new art. But then the quarantine happened.

When this painting was in my studio it stopped a lot of studio visitors in their tracks. So I’m surprised it’s still available when all my other paintings this size sold.

It takes timing for a large painting to find it’s home. Someone needs to go into a particular gallery while the painting is being displayed, fall in love with it, have a place in their home where the painting can live (usually) and an art budget in the right range.

So sometimes a good painting doesn’t sell in it’s first gallery.

Some artists have success with moving their work from gallery to gallery, raising the price every time. Some artists take paintings back to the studio to self-promote. One artist I’ve heard of destroys all work that doesn’t sell in it’s first gallery.

I choose what to do on a case by case basis.

This painting will go into my “Spirit of Prairie LIfe” exhibition catalog, so it can travel to art centers. Although I would have loved it to sell, I’m excited to see it as part of a large collection, adding to the story I’m telling about this place.

Your thoughts, comments and stories are welcome.

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