Portrait artist paints iris flowers

My first profoundly inspiring museum exhibit was a Monet exhibit back in 1990 – I was in art school at the time and could just walk down the hall to the Portland Art Museum (which was very cool). I had seen Monet lily pads in books, but in person it was a completely different experience. His water and lily pads were so deep and lush I felt like I could just sink in and live there. Anyways, I’ve had a poster of Monet irises for years – I’ve loaned it to the kindergarten right now – but I can’t look at irises without thinking about his painting. And so this morning while I was finishing this painting of irises, I was inspired by Monet. Thank you for the inspiration, Claude!

Purple Irises / 12×6 inches / oil on mounted panel / ready to hang or frame / January Painting Marathon #11 / SOLD

To purchase or inquire, email art@jessierasche.com with the name of the painting you want.  If you enjoy this painting, please consider sharing www.jessierasche.com with your friends.

(Detail of flowers)irises-detail


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