Publications & Press

Selected Gallerist Quotes

“Thank you for being so much fun to work with, I’m so glad your work is in the JFAC Gallery where it is connecting with people. What I really enjoyed about your opening is watching people light up with recognition when looking at your paintings. Then they felt comfortable enough to tell their personal stories!”

Alexis Doerr, JFAC Gallery Directory and Lecturer of Art, School of Fine Arts

“I viewed your beautiful show several times since it opened, and was really taken with your conception, approach, and technique. … Thank you again for adding so much to our season.”

Dr. Kenneth Boulton, Dean, NSU School of Fine Arts

“With her bold brushwork and ethereal edges, Jessie Rasche’s figure work leaps off the canvas with an energy that a quarantine-weary population craves. You’ve never seen the everyday world around you so brilliantly expressed.”

Kristi Thomas, 2021 curator for the Center for Western Studies

“Jessie captures the infinite depth of the South Dakota landscapes.”

Cody Henrichs, Curator of Washington Pavilion Visual Arts Center

Selected Press Quotes

“South Dakota artist Jessie Rasche’s beloved subjects—the landscape, animals, and people of the Midwest—could appear pedestrian under another’s hand. Rasche, however, skillfully infuses them with a sense of connection between people and the land, between animals, and between individuals. Her abstract brushwork and harmonious limited palette calm the weary soul.”

Beth Williams, Arts Writer, Southwest Art Magazine

“She likes to illustrate an image or emotion with patterns and gestures, many brush strokes that add up to a finished piece … When you step close to one of her paintings, you can see deliberate strokes of color, and when you step back, the colors blend and become whole, encompassing the viewer with a moment of beauty.”

Jennifer Larue, Arts Reporter for the Spokesman Review.

“There is a somewhat Romantic or nostalgic quality to [Rasche’s painting], but it is not overly idealized or accentuated to the point of artifice or disbelief. Instead the landscape is rendered as endearing in its straight forward candor and naturalness.” 

Greg Blair, PhD, BAC 2018 juror of awards

2023 – Fine Art Connoisseur, portfolio section

2023 – Fine Art Connoisseur, August, American Impressionist Society National Exhibition special section

2023 – Plein Air Magazine Ad, Feb, Apr, Jun

2023 – Love for outdoors shows in Brookings artist Jessie Rasche’s work – front page of The Brookings Register

2023 – Arts Council buys new pieces for “Art for State Buildings” program | DRGNews

2022 – “An Honest Artist” Sept/Oct issue of South Dakota Magazine. 6 page article about my artwork

2022 – Plein Air Magazine Ad, Oct, Dec

2022 – “Artist to Watch: Jessie Rasche” Feb/Mar 2022, Southwest Art Magazine

2021 – interview by Lori Walsh of In The Moment on SDPB

2021 – First presenter for the South Dakota Art Museum Governor’s Exhibition artists. Cocktail Hour Chat #1 | Karen Kinder, Jessie Rasche and Paul Peterson – YouTube

2020 – Artwork behind Julie Gerberding on her home office wall during Congressional testimony, on CNN and ABC, Aspen Institute, World Economic Forum, etc.

2020 – Artwork shown – Living in a COVID-19 world | Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis (

Nov/Dec 2019 – New print series shown in South Dakota Magazine gift guide

December 2019 – Art talk by South Dakota Landscape Artist Jessie Rasche at JFAC Gallery on December 10th – Apeksha News

November 2019 – Solo show at JFAC Gallery announced in Aberdeen News, South Dakota Arts

August 2nd, 2019 – Sioux Falls art gallery celebrates exhibit by Brookings painter Rasche

“Work of Brookings Artist Featured in NSU Exhibit” The Brookings Register, page 7, December 9th, 2019

Art Food Home, featured artist on June 17th, 2019

South Dakota Magazine, Spring 2019

Cover of Limes and Compromise by Erika Saunders, published March 2019

South Dakota Magazine, included in South Dakota Art Museum advertisement, Winter 2018

Fall 2018, South Dakota Magazine, article about my commissioned artwork for Sanford Hospital titled “Jessie Rasche’s Healing Art.”

Summer 2018, Oakwood Literary Magazine published two paintings: “Carrier” and “Abstract”

South Dakota Art Magazine, Fall 2017

Hood Magazine, Sioux Falls SD, November 2017

Minnesota Monthly, September 2017

April 18, 2016, The Brookings Register cover story was about my work,” Painter, Teacher, Mentor”

2015, “Main Street Grain Elevator” painting used as art section opener, South Dakota Magazine

South Dakota Magazine winter issue, 2014

May 16, 2012, Pacific Northwest Inlander, article titled “Behind the Paint,” about a 4-woman exhibition

2010, “Interested in Impact,” article in the Spokesman Review about my featured artist exhibition