Process: How a Portrait Painting Comes to Life

Professionally, carefully crafted oil paintings take time and skill.

Here are some of the steps that were involved in a recent portrait of a lovely young woman and her stunning horse, commissioned by the girl’s loving grandmother.

First, I visited with the client and took many photos of the girl interacting with her horse, and then searched through the photos looking for ones that captured their personality and relationship.There was a client-visit to the studio to see paintings of different sizes and to help them decide on the right size for them.

The video above starts with me sketching up some of the collector’s favorite poses, to help with decision making. When the focus is narrowed down to just the young woman and horse, it’s easier to see what will come through in the portrait painting.

Above is a video showing how the painting came together from sketch to completion.

If you’re ready to get your portrait painting started, you can call (605-695-5815) or email me with photos and tell me about your loved one and what you hope to have captured in your portrait painting.


How the Commissioning Process Works

We talk in person, or through email or phone about what you hope to have captured and your size and budget needs. Starting the process with a conversation ensures that you get a painting you’ll love.

After that, if you want to move forward the deposit is due. If you’re local to Brookings or Sioux Falls, I’ll come to you and take photos and make sketches and notes. Otherwise we’ll send a few pictures back and forth. When you’re happy with the plan, I’ll paint the portrait. After you approve the portrait, I’ll deliver it to your door or ship it to you.

You now own a beautiful, unique and original portrait painting celebrating your love.