Portrait reveal

Meredith, Olivia and Emile. Aren’t they lovely? I’m really excited about how this portrait came out. I think their affection is apparent, as well as their likeness.

The collector loved the painting from the photos I sent, but I’m waiting anxiously to hear how it was received in person (I do that every time I ship a painting!). Some of my paintings look just as good in a photo, but some – maybe most (like this one) have a luminous quality, and some subtlety, that I think makes them better in person.

A portrait of three people takes me a little more than three times as long to paint thank a painting of one person. There’s the obvious challenge of getting each portrait correct, with the added challenge of getting the portraits to work well together.


Thanks so much, Manny, for being a collector! I hope your painting brings your family joy.

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